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Warriors Retconned #4: Hawkfrost and the Great Battle

Hawkfrost grows up admiring his father, hearing his mother’s tales of his strength. When he joins RiverClan , he discovers echoes of his father’s legacy. When he finally meets Tigerstar, he begins training under him as his successor. After his death at the hands of Brambleclaw, Hawkfrost’s relationship with his father is left somewhat estranged. He believes Tigerstar has led him astray and he recalls the tales of his death at the hands of Scourge. Beginning to doubt his father’s leadership, he sets out to surpass him, eventually trying to kill him and take his place as the leader of the Dark forest. He succeeds in severely wounding him, but Thistleclaw and Darkstripe step in at the last moment and bargains for his life.

Thistleclaw makes a deal with Hawkfrost to spare Tigerstar in exchange for them keeping out of his affairs and his section of the forest. Hawkfrost agrees, but demands one more thing of them, that Tigerstar be made to bow down before him. Tigerstar is horrified by this notion, but he is far outnumbered by Dark Forest warriors who were hungry for blood. He reluctantly submits, and his anger only grows as Hawkfrost begins taunting him.

Eventually, he and Thistleclaw retreat to a barren hollow with a pile of stones arranged as a den. Tigerstar disappears inside and doesn’t emerge for several days. Darkstripe expresses worry, but Thistleclaw assures him that he’s just in one of his moods. He enters the den, only to mock Tigerstar by asking him why he’s upset, as Hawkfrost has become strong, just like Tigerstar wanted. He then asks him if he still thinks he’s so wonderful, for having the “star” in his name.

Tigerstar quickly retaliates at this with a declaration of, “Enough!”. Thistleclaw finishes by telling him that if he teaches strength as the only virtue, he is destined to be betrayed. He asks if he plans on sitting around until he rots like the rest of the crow-food in the forest. Tigerstar says he will kill Hawkfrost along with all of his followers. He plants a frost coated hawk feather in front of Firestar’s den.

Firestar sees the feather and shows it to Jayfeather who agrees about Hawkfrost’s return, but Firestar doesn’t understand how as he doesn’t think he went to StarClan. Jayfeather says that the same way StarClan can visit a cat’s dreams, the wicked can enter the dreams of the like-minded. Firestar asks if it is possible to see them outside of dreams. Jayfeather says it probably is.

In the final battle, Hawkfrost attacks Firestar, but Tigerstar drags him back by the neck and begins a brutal retaliation against him. Hawkfrost manages to dodge on of his blows and the two are neck and neck for a while, both bleeding from multiple open wounds. Several other Dark Forest warriors assist Hawkfrost, and Tigerstar battles more fiercely than he has in a long time, resembling his namesake in Firestar’s eyes.

He kills several Dark Forest warriors before Hawkfrost kills him. As he is dying on the ground, Brambleclaw kills his brother. He makes piece with his father for a moment before Firestar realizes Tigerstar was the one who left the hawk feather and they silent mourning him for a few moments.


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