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Warriors Retconned #3: Lionblaze

A/n: This was written quite spur of the moment to be honest, but Lionblaze is quite boring in my opinion and I think this sufficiently spices him up a bit.

After learning about his powers, he becomes wild and arrogant, believing himself to be invincible. He charges into battle ruthlessly and forgets to think of the safety of his clanmates, starting fights that result in others getting injured.

When Cinderheart gets injured (not reincarnation) he realizes his own haughtiness has brought trouble to his clan, and tries to apologize. Cinderheart rejects his apology saying that he’s not an apprentice anymore and that his carelessness has hurt too many. She ignores him for a while, until he shows he is capable of diplomacy, and not just violence by defending Ivypaw from Breezepelt accompanied by a patrol of WindClan warriors.

Cinderheart later thanks him and says that it must have been difficult for him to confront his half-brother the way he did. Lionblaze shrugs it off and is humble about the whole matter, saying he was only defending a clanmate like anyone else would have done. Cinderheart says she knows things between them have been estranged lately, but that for their apprentice, who’s relationship is worsening, they should get an example and be friends. Lionblaze smiles and enthusiastically agrees to this.

Over the next few moons, they bond by discussing their apprentices’ progress. Cinderheart expressed her worry for Ivypaw’s mysterious injures and Lionblaze comforts her. He eventually reveals his power to her and that he’s part of a prophecy. Cinderheart is shocked by this revelation at first, but quickly brushes it off it a joke that if she as invulnerable she’d probably be starting fights as well. Cinderheart tells him that just because he can’t be hurt doesn’t mean he won’t need protection, and that she’ll be here for him if he ever needs her help.



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