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Top 5 Woman Called Fujiko Mine Episodes

Just five this time since there are 13 episodes total. I’m going to do a list for the 2015 series, the 1984 series as well as the TV specials eventually.

5. Dying Day (Episode 8)

Lupin and Jigen meeting again and teaming up finally! An epic team is born! References to the 1971 series, and foreshadowing to the next few episodes. Pretty standard with a neat mystery and sometimes that’s all you can ask for.

4. Ghost Town (Episode 10)

Lupin gets high and see owls. The owl imagery in this one is always beautiful. We learn about Fujiko’s supposed past and the meaning behind events in the earlier episodes. There’s also a brief but awesome Lupin/Zenigata team up.

3. The Woman Called Fujiko Mine Part 1 (Episode 12)

First episode of the two part finale. Although I admit it’s a bit cliche to have a psychological amusement park , but the rollercoaster, cross dressing Goemon and Lupin jumping off the building sequences are too good to pass up. Plus, the slow paced opening scenes ooze coolness.


2. .375 Magnum (Episode 2)

Fujiko meets Jigen. And it’s hate at first sight. Jigen’s backstory here is just perfect in every way, and his sort of romance with his mentally ill ex-boss is heart breaking. Fujiko is also very classy and her seduction and betrayal of Jigen is amazing. The soundtrack for this episode has a very snazzy beat.



1. The Feast of Fools (Episode 11)

The conclusion of the character arc from this spin-off’s OC, Oscar. How many times has a new addition to a cast, not added by the original creator actually worked out? Oscar not only works, he almost feels like he was a part of the cast all along. Over the course of the series, we’ve seen him desperately trying to gain the approval of his boss, and even cross the line multiple times. After a speech by Zenigata, which indicates he may have realized everything Oscar’s been up to, he realizes he’s gone to far and makes the ultimate sacrifice. There’s a very subtle indicator in this episode of where Oscar originally came from which becomes more clear after the 2-part finale (you probably have to watch it a few times to catch it). Overall a heartbreaking conclusion to an amazing character.



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