Lupin III

My Love/Hate Relationship with “Woman Called Fujiko Mine”

My introduction to the Lupin III franchise. In most respects, it’s a good show. However, like many things Lupin III it is 80% the best thing ever and 20% totally engaging bullshit. Firstly, the art is incredible. At times the animation can be a bit static, but it’s nothing too bad overall. The characters have been through so many designs over the years, older fans are unlikely to have trouble adjusting to the “edgier” art style.

Image result for fujiko mine zenigata
Only franchise that can make stand around doing nothing badass.

And for once, it isn’t episodic! I have nothing against the show’s typically episodic formula, but seeing an overarching story is very refreshing. Now we come to the biggest problem. The makers of Lupin III most definitely have some anti-continuity agreements in their contract. Even in a 13 episode series, there are still continuity errors!

More specifically, one big fat mistake that makes me hate this series. The error in questions happens between facts in episode 4 and 11. Episode 4 fact: Zenigata has sex with Fujiko. Despite how much I hate that, I’ll except it. These characters have been written differently before and I prefer this to stupid Zeni any day. The issues comes in Episode 11 where, fact: Zenigata gives a speech about not being a corrupt cop. This speech isn’t suppose to be ironic or a lie or anything. It is totally genuine about how he decided to not be corrupt years ago after meeting his (sort of) adopted son. But Zenigata’s act in Episode 4 ARE those of a corrupt cop.

Satan, thy name is Hypocrisy!

If the rest of this series wasn’t so f*cking cool, I’d never watch it again. I guess I can just wipe Episode 4 from my memory. It’s pretty much filler anyways.



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