Lupin III

Why I’m Pessimistic About the New Zeni spin-off

I’ve wanted Zenigata to have his own spin-off ever since I started watching the show. My entrance into the franchise was from Woman Called Fujiko Mine which itself is a character spin-off. And as excited as I was when the new spin-off was announced just a few weeks ago, it is far from what I would have expected.

There hasn’t been much information yet, but we know that the show will be in live action. Anyone who watches Japanese dramas knows that it’s not their strong suit, at least in the visual department. No one can compare to good old American blockbusters in terms of budget. I did enjoy the last two Lupin live-action attempts, but seriously, this is a show meant to be a cartoon! Would you do a live-action version of the Loony Toons or Tom and Jerry? Hell no!

And now you’re taking the arguably most slap-stick character in the series and giving him a live action spin-off. That just confuses me, especially since the other two character introduced are new. Will Lupin not be making an appearance at all? If so, I’m even more worried about how the final product will turn out.

But I’m still open to seeing what they will do with the idea. Save for the latest series that aired last year, the character has taken a back seat in recent years and it will be good to see him take center stage. Hopefully it doesn’t just turn into your run of the mill police drama. Although I love those, there are so many better ones out there. We don’t need Lupin III to be Law and Order.



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