Warrior Cats


My childhood dream is coming true T_T

Honestly, I couldn’t care less if it were good or bad, just so long as it is animated, I’ll be fine with it. A good friend of mine who lives in China tells me that Warrior is very popular in Hong Kong, and she goes there to buy all the books, which is probably why the movie’s right were purchased by a Chinese company.

I did a bit of digging, and the company, called “Alibaba pictures” is very new. It’s only done distributions and investments up till now, though it currently has several other movies in the works. Since it hasn’t made anything yet, it’s hard to predict this film’s quality, but I estimate it’ll be at least 5 years before it is released at best. If there are lots to delays it’ll probably take longer. In the earlier stages, it’s possible the movie will not get made at all, and the idea will be strapped completely. Though seeing as this is a relatively popular product owned by a small company, this is unlikely to be the case.

I’ve seen plenty of Chinese animation before, and it’s not as good as America’s, but if they stick to 2D animation, the movie will be fine visually. It’s also possible depending the resources the company has that they will outsource at least some of the animation to different companies, possibly in different countries.

Speaking of foreign adaptations of childhood favorite, did any of you know there’s an anime movie based on the Magic Tree House? It included the first 3 books which makes up a story arc and is actually not half bad.



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