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Warriors Retconned #1: Thistleclaw

A/n: Basically how I would change the Warriors universe if I was in charge of writing it. Not necessarily better, just what I would have liked to see.

Was close with his sister Sweetpaw growing up. After her death, he put extra effort into his warrior duties, and along with Sunfall strongly felt the seemingly consistent absence of Pinestar from clan affairs. When Pinestar announced he was leaving to become a kittypet, he’s one of the most indignant, blaming the leader for all of ThunderClan’s failures.

When he becomes mentor to Tigerpaw, he is harsh and militaristic, determined to make a strong warrior out of the apprentice. After Snowfur’s death, he and Tigerpaw eventually grow quite close, even more than him and his own son, who he thinks of as a disappointment due to Bluefur’s influence.

Believing that ThunderClan will be destroyed without strong leadership after Pinestar, he sets out on a campaign to become deputy. When he fails, he goes mad with jealously and becomes increasing violent and paranoid. One day, he attacks a RiverClan partrol and is killed by Oakheart.

When he wakes, he is in StarClan. Snowfur greets him and is thrilled they are reunited. Thistleclaw is happy to see her as well, but it is overshadowed by the horror of his sudden death. He believes he has accomplished nothing in life and becomes extremely distraught. Even in StarClan he can find no peace. He is in denial about it being, “the end” and still seeks strength and a way to quench his unsatisfied ambitions.

He eventually comes upon a path to the Dark Forest and takes it, staying so long he is unable to leave. To cope with the fact he’s lost Snowfur forever, he turns her back on her, and places all his attention on finding a way to achieve what he could not in life.



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