Lupin III

Why Lupin III is the Greatest Thing in my Life

The short answer is, now, wherever I have a bad day, and I see one of these things:



Things suddenly feel less bad.

The long answer? Well, there’s something pretty unique about the franchise. As my friend once put it, it’s a veritable sandbox. You can take the characters and pretty much do whatever you want with them. There’s a universe very much like our own, but where anything can happen and characters who’s daily lives depend on being able to fit into every type of situation and there’s unlimited story-telling potential.

Because the story of Lupin III is so much more than the tale of a thief and his companions’ eternal evasion of the law, it’s about doing whatever you want in a world where neither you or it has any limits. And if you’re sick of things being put in poetic terms, it’s about having fun. Just plain old fun.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so let show you what I mean:

Not to mention the fandom is made up of some of the most intelligent, diverse and friendly people on the internet. They are all just chill. Most fans love all the characters, don’t always agree, but there’s never the anger, the divide I find in a lot of other fandoms. It’s a small fandom, but nonetheless passionate.

It’s a must watch show for anyone who loves themselves.



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