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Least Favorite Warriors Characters

Companion to my previous list. Unlike a lot of other people I’ve seen, characters I dislike are mostly based on which characters are written badly, and/or are pointless to the story, rather than who is “stupid” or “evil” or because they killed a character I liked. For this list, I’ll only be give the basic details for why I dislike each character. I’ll be saving more in depth explanations in future character analyzes.

10. Hawkfrost

Pretty much a carbon copy of Tigerstar. There are so many ways to make him more interesting! It’s okay to make them similar, but they could have at least upped the ante a bit.

9. Lionblaze

For one of the main characters he didn’t real stand out to me at all. I found his ability pointless, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t have been written to be better and more interesting.

8. Cinderheart

Totally pointless. I wish she didn’t exist. If she wasn’t the reincarnation of Cinderpelt, she would be a pretty forgettable side character. The whole point to Cinderpelt’s character was that she didn’t get to have her dream, but still made the best of her life, found happiness and died a hero for her clan. No more was needed.

7. Spottedleaf

She “loves” Firestar too much. In Firestar’s Quest she pretty much broke the laws of StarClan to save Firestar’s life, giving physical prey and herbs. That’s way more than StarClan should be allowed to do. There’s more, but it’s pretty much been said by everyone else.

6. Hollyleaf

I loved Hollypaw, but after Ashfur was revealed as an antagonist, she just became so whiny! It honestly didn’t even matter that she wasn’t Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight’s real daughter, they really did love her, and she should be grateful for that. But all she does is freak out that she wasn’t actually a cat from the prophecy and kill Ashfur for ruining her life. I don’t blame her for hating Ashfur, but hate him for different reasons, not for indirectly revealing the truth about your paternity.

5. Ashfur

An obvious choice. He was revealed as a villain out of nowhere. I honestly have a hard time believing he loved Squirrelflight on any level. He was infatuated and possessive over her, but if really cared for her, seeing her happy wouldn’t have engaged him as it did. He could have worked as a villain if they’d clearly established him as a straight-up antagonist, rather than sort-of, not-really sympathetic. The only reason he’s not higher is because reading about him didn’t make me angry like I was for some of the others further down.

4. Shrewclaw

He’s just a bully. And a decently written one, but my probably is everyone else’s reactions to him. I think Dawnstripe told him off once, but otherwise, nothing. There needs to be serious punished for this type of behavior, especially since he usually does it in front of everyone. And everyone wonders why Tallpaw’s personally gets angst halfway through the book.

3. Palebird

I understand she has post partum depression, but it lasts the rest of life! Even when she gets together with another mate, and has new kits, she still puts Talltail down. The first thing she does when Talltail returns is get mad at him for saving her new kits! What’s the point of that kind of rudeness in the story? Talltail is suppose to want to come back to WindClan right?

2. Jaypaw

Not Jayfeather, because he has lots of interesting plots. But Jaypaw is arrogant and disrespectful. Just because you’re blind doesn’t mean you can be rude to everyone. The worst out of the three because whereas the others are just bland, and mildly annoying,  he just angered me. Someone needs to beat him up and teach him some respect.

1. Sol

His backstory is unique I  suppose, but he’s a whiny hypocrite. He was completely useless to SkyClan, they tried to train him, he broke the code, put them all in danger, and criticized them for not excepting him. He’s like a modern day extremist activist. He feels totally entitled, it’s just disgusting. Actually, it’s shame because there’s way to do this type of character well, but this is certainly not the way.




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