Warrior Cats

Magical Cats: Was it Really Necessary?

Since the very start of the first series, there have been elements of the supernatural in the series. StarClan was first mentioned in the prologue and in the first series were this mysterious, and godly group we never really got to see much of. StarClan seemed all powerful, and omnipotent. But as we learn in later series, they are merely the deliverymen for prophecies and fore-tellers of a future beyond their control, and complete understanding.

As the series started delving deeper into supernatural elements, living cats with powers started popping up, starting with Leafpool and Squirrelflight’s empathetic connection, which, I never really understood. Did they have that power because they were close, or did they just happen to be born with a power and were able to be closer because of it?

Either way, there power existed as a way for ThunderClan to keep tabs on the traveling group, which couldn’t they give Leafpaw the power to do anyways, being a medicine cat? StarClan could have just spent Leafpaw messages everyone once in a while saying Squirrelpaw and the others were fine, and it would all be cool.

Or was the implication StarClan could see what was happening because it wasn’t happening in the forest? If that’s true, than just leave it alone, it would make the clans more upset and desperate if they were completely blind.

In the Power of Three, again, everything the three does could have been done without their powers. Lionblaze didn’t have any especially difficult battles to fight, and if he did, so what if he got a little scrapped up? As long as he didn’t die, no problem. Jayfeather could sense the thoughts of other, but he only really uses his power to spy on others. His main contribution in the series was story arc with Rock, and all that could have been accomplished without powers.

The words of the prophecy, “There will be three, kin of your kin who will hold the power of the stars in their paws.” The vagueness of that it alone, combined with the fact that Hollyleaf didn’t have a power, makes me think that the Erin’s were basically making the third series up as they went. Think of the rest of the prophecies, “Fire alone will save our clan.” Very clear. “Darkness, Air, Water and Sky will come together and shake the forest to its roots. Nothing will be as it is now, nor as it has been before.” A bit crypt, but makes sense in retrospect. “There will be three, kin of your kin who will hold the power of the stars in their paws.” Cats have magic. Ok. What about it?

See what I mean? They were planned to have powers without even thinking what the purpose would be. In the end, they had to fight the Dark Forest, but the powers didn’t help at all (except maybe for Lionblaze, but he wasn’t even a big part of a final fight).

The one cat with powers who isn’t completely pointless is perhaps Goosefeather, but in his case it is more of a stronger version of an ability that’s already been established. And even then, he’s sorely lacking in development. He had a little in Goosefeather’s Curse, but honestly that almost Gary Stu-ed him, making him a full medicine cat when Moonflower was just becoming an apprentice. Honestly, Cloudberry should have understood that there’s more to being a medicine cat than prophecies. There’s also healing, and a cat who’s mental stability may not be 100% should probably not be healing others.

Ok, now let’s get into the offensive. Yellowfang’s Secret. Why was Yellowfang retconed to have powers? There was absolutely no point. Her story was falling in love while being a medicine cat and having a son she had to watch grow up from afar. That’s enough drama, you don’t need powers that undermine the “powers” of the original character.

To make my point easier to understand, say you were good at school. You studied super hard and got As in every subject. Now say you have an eidetic memory. Suddenly it is much less impressive that you have perfect As. And really, like the instances I described before, Yellowfang’s power is only there to add false drama to the story.



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