Top 10s · Warrior Cats

Favorite Warriors Characters

Just a bit of context for my future reviews and analyzes. I will be judging on how much I like them overall, which means I might not enjoy every instance they appear. I’ll be going into the details of each in character analysis posts in the future.

10. Fallen Leaves- he had a very tragic backstory which gave us a haunting view of the history of the Lake. Not a very major character, but very memorable.

9. Mapleshade- one of the more unique villains with one of the more developed backstories. She was good in Crookedstar’s Promise despite it not being explained how Dark Forest cats can somehow effect the living like StarClan and “kill”. Isn’t much of a cat hell if you have all that power. She also didn’t do much in the main books.

8. Thistleclaw- his relationship with Snowfur is one of the more unique of the series. I wish they could have gone deeper into it. Maybe he could get novella or super edition chronicling his life from when Bluestar became deputy? Honestly, I like this character more for what he could be rather than what he was (that’s valid right?). He had so such ambitious, yet he never really got the chance to do much, and I think there’s a lot of interest possibilities to be explored there.

7. Lionheart- just a nice character from the first series. Had a nice backstory in Bluestar’s Prophecy and is a good and quite memorable role model character.

6. Crookedstar- he didn’t make too much of an impression in the original books, but he truly shines in Crookedstar’s Promise. His speech to Mapleshade at the end was truly epic.

5. Cinderpelt- reincarnation aside, I love this character. Despite her life not going the way she wanted and having no choice in the matter, she still keeps her head held high and carries on.

4. Tallstar- although I didn’t care for Tallstar’s Revenge much, his appearances in the first two series more than make up for it. He’s fair, patient, yet well respected and not afraid to fight. He was a good mentor/friend to Firestar, and I was truly heart-broken when he died.

3. Yellowfang- despite her cynical outer shell, she’s a very sweet, caring character. It’s not too often that you see a grump female character who doesn’t come off as a whiny b*tch. She’s harsh, but kind, proud, but humble. Perfect.

2. Darkstripe- this guy is just hilarious. He’s so pathetic, yet he tries so hard to be worthy of Tigerstar. I just find it adorable. I like to imagine he has a one sided gay crush on Tigerstar. It’s worth noting though, that he does also have his truly villainous moments and his conflicting personalities make him one of the more unique antagonists of the series.

1. Tigerstar- like Thistleclaw I like him more for what he could be. In the first series, he was a brilliant schemer and a physical and mental force to be reckoned with. In Bluestar’s Prophecy, he got a bit more of a backstory. His return in the 2-4 series were sort of bland, but I still maintain that he has a lot of unexplored complexity and has the potential to be an amazing villain.



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