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Lost POVs #1: Darkstripe

A/n: One of the things I’ve always wanted in warriors was more POVs. So now I deliver onto you, the first of a series rewrites of scenes from the points of view of characters who I feel deserve their turn in the spotlight. For creativity’s sake it might not follow canon 100%. A special thank you to C.E.F who made me remember how much I love Darkstripe. Leave me requests if you’d like!

“Brokenstar’s dead!” Darkstripe heard the screech of a Dark Forest warrior wail above the cries of pain and fury on the battlefield.

Blood stained his matted dark pelt, though whether it was his enemy’s or his own, he couldn’t tell. He ran his claws down Sorreltail’s flank as the she-cat landed a sharp bite to his shoulder.

“I should have killed you as a kit!” he hissed, pulling himself from her grip. Sorreltail gave a triumphant smile, readying her claws for another attack.

“Why? Afraid you can’t handle someone your own size?” she mocked.

Before Darkstripe could let out a retorted, a gray and white pelt brushed into his shoulder, knocking him aside. He turned to find Thistleclaw, running beside a pawful of other Dark Forest warriors, all fleeing.

“Where are you going?!” he cried.

“This is a lost cause,” Thistleclaw snarled. “You want to die again, go right on ahead.”

“You’re abandoning, Tigerstar?” Darkstripe spat, his head turning hot with fury. He turned around be see the brown tabby snap the neck of a RiverClan warrior.

“He’s not my apprentice anymore,” the spiky-furred warrior replied, coldly. “He can choose which battles he wants to fight.”

Darkstripe looked on in horror as Thistleclaw retreated out of the camp. They were heavily outnumbered now, as they had been from the start. But with the surrender of most of their forces, and more enemy reinforcements starting to arrive, it was looking more and more like a hopeless fight.

Darkstripe gritted his teeth and swallowed as he ran off after Thistleclaw. He was sure Tigerstar would be along soon. And since the majority of warriors were already gone, he couldn’t very well single Darkstripe out for his desertion.

He caught up Thistleclaw as they reached the treeline, both stopping to look back at the stone hollow.

“Seems like they killed Hawkfrost as well,” Thistleclaw remarked, narrowing his eyes at the scene. Darkstripe stared back at the camp, shoulders hunched and tense.

“What’s he doing?” he murmured, his tail twitching with anxiety. Tigerstar and the kittypet were circling each other with the rest of the clans looking on.

“This should be interesting.”

“He needs to run!”

“He’s going to die.”

“He can’t!” Darkstripe flattened his ears as he crouched under the shade of an oak, watching as the two leaders clawed at each other, tearing fur and skin.

Tigerstar landed a heavy swipe, and for a moment Darkstripe thought he’d won, but his claws had only scratched the edge of Firestar’s neck. In the next moment, the kitty-warrior had plunged his unsheathed paw into Tigerstar’s throat, spilling blood over the two of them.

Darkstripe’s pelt went cold. He felt as if someone had forced a pile of rocks down his throat.

“It’s over, let’s go,” Thistleclaw said. The tip of his tail tapped Darkstripe’s shoulder. Quickly pulling away, Darkstripe turned on the Dark Forest warrior.

“Why didn’t you do something?!” he shouted. “You should’ve told him to leave! He listens to you!”

“And what did you do?” Thistleclaw muttered, nonchalantly. “Besides, you’re wrong. He stopped listening to me a long time ago.”

“So he’s gone? Just like that?” Darkstripe whispered, hardly believing the words that spilled from his mouth. Thistleclaw ignored him.

“We should leave,” he said. Darkstripe shook his head furiously, the fur on his spine standing on edge.

“No!” he yowled. “I won’t go back there! I-” He gulped, his paws shaking at the mere thought of the being trapped within forest’s ugly gray trees and bitter cold air for the rest of his existence.

The Dark Forest was home to every kind of degenerate savage. He recalled how many times the others had tried to do him in. The only one who had stood in their way was Tigerstar. The dark tabby had shield Darkstripe for as long as he could remember, and in return he pledged his loyalty eternally to him. Now that he was gone, Darkstripe would be fresh meat for any on of the shadowy warriors who wanted to stretch their claws.

“I-I can’t go back.”

“What will you do?” Thistleclaw asked. “Are you going to try and avenge him? Whoever you kill will go to StarClan. But if you’re killed, who knows where you’ll end up. Do you really want to take that chance?”

Darkstripe was silent, trembling, with his face buried in the grass and his tail wrapped around his paws. Thistleclaw stared at him with a look a disgust.

“Looks like I might have overestimated you,” he muttered.

The former ThunderClan warrior turned and headed deeper into the forest, giving Darkstripe one last sideways glance before vanishing, leaving the dark warrior alone in an unkind forest, with only his thoughts.



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