To Birds and Paper Bags. A blog where I can ramble on about unimportant stuff I care way too much about. At present I have three main fandoms that’ll probably stick with me for a couple more decades. They are Lupin III, Dark Shadows and Warriors. I’ll be delving into other things too, depending on what interests me at the moment, but I’ll mostly stick to these three.

I guess I should give you all some context so you know what my feelings are for these series.

Lupin iii

My entry into this series was in 2012, when I saw the “Woman Called Fujiko Mine” spin-off. on Funimation’s site. I saw “Lupin” and immediately thought it was a series about a werewolf. But I was in the middle of exams that week so I saved the title in a word doc and it gathered dust in my computer for a almost a year before I finally pulled it out again. When I finally watched the first episode I became aware of 3 things: 1. Fujiko was pretty badass, 2. She was also naked a lot, 3. Zenigata is the best cop EVER!

The spin-off is only twelve episodes long, but the franchise has existed since the 60s, has several hundred episodes, dozens of films and a handful of manga series. It features the adventures of the cocky and resourceful titular thief, and his three companions, as well as the cop who’s forever after them. Since I first encountered him in that first episode, Zenigata’s been my favorite character of all time, and he’ll likely continue to be for a long while, especially seeing as he’s getting his own spin-off come 2017.

Dark Shadows

No, I not talking about the Depp/Burton movie. The film was based on a soap opera from the 1960s. I’m relatively new to this one, I haven’t even been able to track down all 1200+ episodes yet, but I already have plenty to discuss. It’s not often one finds good subtle suspense/gothic-horror mixed with so may characters in a moral gray zone, who all make good and bad choices which pushes the plot along. Plus I just adore that old fashion theater actor charm.


Eight years. To be fair, I half-quit back in 2012, once up the fourth series was over, but I recently got back into it through the incredible MAPs and PMVs on Youtube. Sadly, I am a writer, not an animator, so this is my contribution to the fandom.

Just warning all of you now, though most of you have probably already realized, this franchise is far from perfect. Sometimes it isn’t even good. Sometimes it’s downright awful. But I’m not here to flame the Erin’s. My purpose is to analysis what works and what doesn’t in order to better myself as a writer, and maybe help some of you with your stories.



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